Joanne Herr – Black Rock Retreat

Zarah responded quickly and was very helpful! She also let me know she was going on leave for a bit, and provided contacts if we wanted to start another project. I felt like the attention was individualized and professional, while also being relational and helpful.

Rachel, Artist

Being an illustrator has been my calling and Ink has made me so much better due to their support for new ideas and willingness to embrace new technologies and practices. Mostly my joy comes from the truly supportive and genuine care that our leadership shows every employee that chooses to become part of this family of dedicated people. So much so that I have worked here for 25 years. That should tell you what a good decision it was to say “yes” to Ink.

!nk Custom Tees
Chris, Production

“Since working at !nk, I know my time and effort makes a difference. We create quality products for our clients, give back to our community, and care for each other like family. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.”

Ink Custom Tees
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