Exclusive 2020 School Collection

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Designed for your school.

These are COMPLETELY CUSTOM templates. Each design can be tweaked and revised to fit the identity of your school! Choose any designs below, and we’ll customize the colors, type, and garments to your preference.

If you don’t see anything that is exactly what you’re looking for – don’t worry. We’re still happy to create a custom design from scratch. Feel free to reach out so we can go over the details of what you have in mind and we’ll get started on your project. 

Note: Only selected schools have been given access to this collection. For that reason, please do not share this link or password to anyone outside of your organization.



Elementary Designs

Out of This World

2 color front

Mascot Half Circle

2 color front

Groovy Swoop

3 color front

Elementary Crest

2 color front

High School + Collegiate Designs

Poster Tie-Dye

1 color front

Collegiate Oval

3 color back, 1 color front

Vintage Mascot

2 color front

Varsity Circle

2 color front

Spirit + Athletic Designs

Center Stripe

2 color front

Spirit Tri-Color

3 color front

Vintage Rise

2 color front

Mascot Stack

2 color front

Logo Branded Products

Water Bottles


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