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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your T-shirts?

Do you always get your order on time?

Are your t-shirts comfortable enough?

Do your customers keep wearing them after the event?

Is your brand offering apparel that is trendy/relevant?

Are you unhappy with the quality of your prints?

Are you making enough with your t-shirt sales?

Do your t-shirts match the quality of your brand?


Are you tired of sitting on leftover inventory?

Do you feel like you're getting a good return on your shirt budget?

Our Guarantees 

Custom Art Without the Risk

We’ll create a custom design for you and if you don’t like it, you won’t owe us a dime.


Every Order on Time

Your order will be fulfilled on time. Every time. Maybe even sooner.


Order With Confidence

Your order will be right, or we will make it right. Guaranteed.

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What Makes Ink so Different?

Since 1988, Ink has been helping brands, groups, and events launch successful merchandise campaigns by focusing on the most important element of any t-shirt — the person wearing it. 

We know the secret formula to create retail-quality apparel that people actually love to wear, and we share it with anyone who is willing to listen.

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The shirt needs to be stylish and fit comfortably. The print needs to look eye-catching while still feeling very soft. The artwork should be creative while still communicating its message clearly. This is what it takes for a t-shirt to achieve “top drawer” status.

You could argue that achieving all of that requires the best equipment and materials, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, we have all of that equipment, and it’s still not enough.

To make the best t-shirts, you need the best people –
and the very best people work at Ink.

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We love to lead with art.

We pride ourselves on our custom artwork. Check out a couple of our favorites and see examples of what we could create for you!